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Employment law for employees

Molyneaux Law offers employees a broad range of services at all
stages of their employment relationships, including:

Reviewing your new employment contract before you sign

Providing advice on severance packages

Assisting in wrongful dismissal claims

Helping you navigate harassment, bullying or discrimination at work

Representing employees before all levels of court and at workplace related tribunals

As an employment lawyer in Hamilton, Sarah represents employees who have been wrongfully terminated, laid off or are facing workplace harrassment

Molyneaux Law provides advice and representation to non-union employees about a broad range of legal issues, including wrongful dismissal, wrongful termination, constructive dismissal, severance package reviews, and dealing with difficult situations on the job.

As an employment lawyer in Hamilton, Sarah represents employees who have been wrongfully terminated or laid off. If you’ve been dismissed without notice or without enough notice, or are wondering if your severance package is fair, an employment lawyer can provide you with much-needed advice to help you as you transition to your new job.

As a sexual harassment lawyer in Hamilton, Sarah represents employees facing workplace harassment on the basis of their sex, gender, gender identity or sexual orientation. This can include employees dealing with sexist, homophobic or transphobic jokes, sexual comments in the workplace, sexual assault by a co-worker or boss, or inappropriate romantic advances at work. Sarah advises victims of workplace sexual harassment about how to use internal complaint procedures, how to stay safe on the job, and when it’s time to file a sexual harassment lawsuit or human rights complaint. You can find out more about Molyneaux Law’s advocacy for victims of harassment on our Human Rights page.

Employment law for EMPLOYERS

Molyneaux Law works with progressive, local employers who want to provide Hamiltonians with decent work, free from discrimination and harassment. Services for employers include: 

Assistance in drafting and negotiating employment contracts

Helping you develop practical anti-discrimination, harassment and workplace violence policies as your business grows 

Educational sessions for your managers and staff on workers rights and employers duties

If you’re a small employer in Hamilton Ontario or are about to become a small employer by hiring your first employee, an employment lawyer can help.

Molyneaux Law offers advice to local progressive businesses about employee rights, setting new businesses off on the right path from their first hire onwards. Sarah’s services for employers include assistance in preparing workplace policies, drafting employment contracts, advice about how to navigate everything from employee complaints to the termination of employment.