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Earlier this month, the Ontario Government announced sweeping labour reforms in the form of Bill 47, the  Making Ontario Open for Business Act . Again. This time, the government proposes to roll back advancements achieved by workers after the previous Liberal...

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Is “Tip Pooling” or “Tipping Out” Legal?

What does the law say about tipping and gratuities? Is tip pooling or tipping out legal? Can the house legally take a cut of your tips? Servers and other workers rely on tips and gratuities to improve on a low hourly wage. But they may not necessarily take home all...

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Molyneaux Law is Hiring: Part-time Legal Assistant

Molyneaux Law seeks a part-time legal assistant to support a sole practitioner with a growing employment and human rights law practice. The ideal candidate: Has excellent communication skills Has experience working in an office setting, preferably as a legal assistant...

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