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It seems like just days ago, we were reflecting on Moly Law’s first year in business. Now, we’re 2 years in!

This year, we added a new lawyer (Hi Roberto Henriquez! ) and a new paralegal (Hi Raima Razzaq! ) to our team.


Thanks to this amazing team, we’ve been able to grow our work on behalf of the broader Hamilton community. As an important part of this, we have also expanded our social justice work by continuing to act on behalf of women, workers, and the marginalized members of our community.

In fact, in addition to continuing the work we were doing in 2018, Raima and Roberto have helped us grow our skill set. Roberto brings his in-house experience to his high-quality service for organizational clients, including as a workplace investigator. Raima is able to provide lower-wage or shorter-service employees with cost-effective representation in Small Claims Court and Ministry of Labour Claims.

In 2019, women and non-binary folks made-up about half of our new clients. Organizations, including unions, local non-profits, community organizations, start-ups, small businesses, and women-run businesses (including other women-run law firms! We see you!), made up a quarter of our new clients. Our clients’ issues are as diverse as our clients. We continue to handle a large number of pregnancy- and parental leave (aka maternity leave) related discrimination cases. In fact, a majority of our employment law files involve a claim of discrimination or harassment, whether that’s racist discrimination by co-workers, sexual harassment on the job, or a failure to properly accommodate a disability.

We continue to believe that it’s possible to run a law firm based on feminist, social justice values, not just in our legal work but in our business practices.


Last year, Sarah resolved to do more public legal education in 2019. She and the firm have made good on this resolution, with lunch and learns hosted by Seedworks on topics like freelancers’ rights and accessible service provision as well as a panel on sexual harassment and bullying at work  for the Burlington Chamber of Commerce’s Women in Leadership Committee.

In addition to public legal education for non-lawyers, Sarah assisted in her colleagues’ ongoing professional development in the areas of labour and human rights by co-hosting the Ontario Bar Association’s Current Issues in Labour Law program, and presenting on the Law Society’s equity, diversity and inclusion requirements for Ontario paralegals. Roberto similarly presented as part of a discussion panel held by the Law Society of Ontario on the topic of equity, diversity, and inclusion in legal practice (Ethical Issues In Workers Compensation Law for Lawyers and Paralegals). Together, Roberto and Sarah also authored a paper on the handling of complex human rights matters involving concurrent proceedings, which was presented at the Annual Update on Human Rights Law.

We hope to continue this work of sharing knowledge with our community in the year to come. Please feel free to contact us if your organization could benefit from a public legal education seminar.


In addition to traditional legal work and public legal education, we continue to enjoy the opportunity to work alongside our neighbours to build a better Hamilton.

This year has been a challenging one in our city, with assaults at Pride, yellow vesters at City Hall, and Marc Lemire, sewergate, and the cancellation of our planned LRT.

We’ve been privileged to be able to lend our support as canvassers, bodies at protests, and speakers or writers on issues close to our hearts.

There’s a lot of work to be done to address racism, homophobia, poverty, and environmental degradation in our communities, so we continue to look for ways to do our part. Stay tuned for more news on this front in 2020.

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